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Tiny TIm - Earth Angel

Guys. I am not even remotely joking or being ironic right now when I say that the first minute and a half and the last thirty seconds of this video might be my favorite thing that has ever existed in the history of the universe. I mean, ok, yes, when he hits the falsetto it is still really great, but god damn it when he’s just singing in his actual voice it fucking SPEAKS TO ME. You have no idea. And then the gals backing him up with the Wha-Oohs, and oh man, it’s just so amazing. I wish he’d had the notion to say “I’m not going to give these people what they want and hit this high note so they can all laugh at me,” and just stayed in that low register the whole time. I wish he had been correctly treated for his mental problems and had not been a novelty act and would’ve been the fucking superstar that he had the potential to be. 

I have a lot of feelings about Tiny Tim, you guys. 


But I also wonder, as I have witnessed it firsthand, if the falsetto was a way to protect himself against criticism. If you make it a joke, then people can’t laugh at you, they’re ostensibly laughing with you. 

Still, what a voice. Heartbreaking.